Hansen Steel is your premier provider of aluminum and steel processing services. With an extensive in-house inventory of standard blanks and a wide range of coil sizes, you can expect a short lead time and fast turnaround on all quotes. We use only the highest quality materials in metal processing applications. From the raw material to the finished component, Hansen Steel in your one stop shop for steel and aluminum applications.

Abrasion Resistant Steel: High impact applications: used in working conditions that subject the material to constant wear and tear

Alloy Steel: Used for tools and machining components due to its high strength, excellent machinability and heat-treating capabilities

Aluminum: An extremely versatile material used across every industry; a corrosion resistant and high strength material

Cold Roll Steel: Used in applications requiring tight tolerances: provides high control for the manufacturer during production and holds new bends and rolls easily

Floor Plate: Easy to clean material with little to no maintenance required; ideal as a non-slip surface and improves worker safety

Galvanized Steel: Provides great corrosion and rust resistance with its protective coating securing against deterioration

High Strength Steel: Ideal for applications needing to save weight but still maintain the strength of the material, great crash and impact performance

Mild Steel: Used in nearly any application due to its versatility and flexibility; a readily available, cost competitive material

Pickled & Oiled Steel: An easy cutting material, used often for metal stamping, laser cutting, and applications requiring a smooth finish

Pressure Vessel Quality Steel: High strength material with a consistent grain structure that withstands high pressure applications

Quenched & Tempered Steel: Abrasion resistant steel, provides high-yield-strength; used in high impact applications where durability is required

Stainless Steel: A highly versatile metal that provides corrosion resistance, high strength and food grade qualities

Hansen Steel has systems in place to handle both the large and small pallets and coils housed in our California facility. From the rail spur that runs through our building to the 10 cranes we have in-house, we have the capability to handle the largest of your metal processing needs.

To learn more regarding our extensive in-house inventory of stainless, aluminum, and steel, contact us today. We’ll help you choose the right materials for your applications. Our experienced manufacturers are ready to become an extension of your team by working hard to deliver the highest in quality while maintaining a bottom line you can afford.