Hansen Steel is a 21st century company with a family history in steel fabrication dating back to 1935. Steel processing has been a tradition for the Hansen family for 4 generations.

A Family Tradition

Hansen Steel is managed by the Hansen family: two brothers, Mike and Dave, their sister, Cathy, and their cousin, Jeff. The four practically have steel running through their veins, having worked together since the 1970’s at a steel company founded by their grandfather in 1935. Their fathers took over the company in the 1950's and the original company grew exponentially from there. After their college years, the four came to work for their fathers' company, working the shearing machines and other metal fabrication equipment in order to gain the full processing experience.

The Hansen family branched away from the company their grandfather created after deciding to move forward with their own business plan. Hansen Steel was created in March of 2001 as part of a business plan created by Mike and Jeff Hansen, the only two members on staff in the beginning. Dave and Cathy joined them soon after and the four Hansen family members began building their startup steel distributor and metal fabrication company. The four used their nearly 200 years combined experience to design and develop a business plan that would take them through the initial years. Using their steel mill connections and fabrication experience, they built Hansen Steel from the ground up.

Becoming a Hard Working Extension of Your Team

In subsequent years, the Hansen's built the company to nearly 50 employees, including the 4th generation of Hansen family members—Travis and Bart. In just 9 years, Hansen Steel built an entire steel fabrication company in a 60,000 square foot building. The Southern California, state-of-the-art facility houses 5 lasers, 3 plasma cutters, 6 press brakes, 2 plate rolls, 2 angle rolls, a pipe roller, 4 levelers, 5 shearing machines, and 3 robotic welders. Hansen Steel also houses a large aluminum, stainless and steel inventory with plates and sheets in all the standard sizes. Custom sizes are cut to size from the large coil inventory also housed within the facility. For efficient material handling purposes, Hansen Steel has a large quantity of forklifts, an industrial rail spur running through the facility, and 10 cranes in-house.

The combined experience of Hansen Steel's staff gives them the competitive edge we need. Everyone, from the management on down, learned the steel processing business from the ground up. Hansen Steel was designed to meet the customer's needs and hands-on experience brings an ingrained knowledge and expertise to the table when speaking with customers regarding their fabrication projects. Hansen Steel employees understand their machines and are able to avoid any potential problems because of it. A smooth, efficient chain of command within the company helps get the job done right the first time. Hansen Steel works hard to bring their customers the highest quality in steel processing.

Hansen Steel believes their greatest accomplishment is being able to make their customers look good. They consider their 5 greatest strengths to include:

  • on-time performance,
  • quality production,
  • CAD/CAM capabilities,
  • keeping up with the latest advancements in technology,
  • and an extensive background in steel processing.

Whether the project is very large or just one piece, Hansen Steel puts the same effort into all projects as customer satisfaction is the biggest concern.

Let Hansen Steel become a hard working extension of your team. They can be your one stop shop for all your steel processing needs. Hansen Steel is a metal fabrication company providing steel distribution and processing services to the Los Angeles area of Southern California and surrounding states, including Hawaii. To learn more regarding Hansen Steel, contact us!