High Strength Steel

High strength steel is ideal for applications requiring high strength to weight ratios. It can be galvanized for rust and corrosion resistance when required. A common type of high strength steel is weathering steel, equivalent to the well-known high strength steel, which provides excellent weather resistance in comparison to other steel grades. High strength steel has a long working life and great crash performance in vehicles. Hansen Steel maintains a steel inventory within their Southern California facility in both coil and plate formats.

Hansen Steel provides leveling, shearing, laser cutting, welding, and metal forming services within their facility. High strength steel is easily manufactured and fabricated to your specifications. High strength steel is used in many applications needing to save weight including amusement park rides, bridges, vehicles, frame rails and outdoor sculptures.

  • Advantages: weather resistance, great strength to weight ratios
  • Thickness: 18 ga. — 3"
  • Width: 48" — 120"
  • Format: coil, sheet, and plate
  • Common Applications: structural, architectural, and artistic

For more information on high strength steel and its resistance qualities, contact Hansen Steel, a steel distributor located in Los Angeles, California. Let us become a hard working extension of your team by requesting a quote today!