When you need a company with experience and skill to bring your project to completion, trust Hansen Steel to deliver the best. From metal blanks to a completed, welded component, we provide you with the highest in quality while helping you maintain your bottom line.

Hansen Steel provides metal fabrication services across the board: both big and small, we do it all. We have the capacity to process up to 60,000 lb. coils of sheet steel and aluminum. Just because we can handle the large fabrication jobs, doesn’t mean we don't work with the small independent companies as well. Whether you have a cardboard template or a full DXF file with sample parts, we handle your project with integrity and commitment for a job well done.

We work with a variety of industrial markets including, but not limited to:

  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Military/Defense
  • Aviation
  • Food Processing
  • Construction
  • Artistic

Hansen Steel has a breadth of metal fabrication capabilities, allowing us to service your company regardless of the industry you're in. Our services include laser and plasma cutting, metal bending and rolling, leveling and shearing, and industrial and robotic welding. Come to us for your metal project needs and we’ll get your components or blanks completed quickly and efficiently.

At Hansen Steel, we have the experience to bring you the quality parts you expect. We know the materials that will work best with a wide range of industrial applications. Whether you have your own materials for processing or need them along with our fabrication services, we can help you. Our in-house inventory consists of many steel and aluminum grades in order to provide you with the right metal for your project. From specialty metals to the most readily available materials, we're sure to have what you're looking for.

For more information on what Hansen Steel can do for you, contact us today or request a quote for any of our services and capabilities. No matter what industry you claim or the magnitude of the project, we can be a hard-working extension of your team.