Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is ideal for applications requiring weather, corrosion, and rust resistance. The protective coating on galvanized steel secures against deterioration and allows for both painted and non-painted applications. Hansen Steel has an extensive inventory of galvanized sheet metal and coils available for fast accessibility and customization. Standard sizes are ready to go and custom lengths are quickly cut using our heavy-duty shearing machines. Typical sizes range from 36" — 60" wide though Hansen Steel does have 72" widths in stock for larger applications.

Galvanized sheet metal and coils have high machinability making it easy to level, shear, and laser cut them to size. These services, along with metal stamping and robotic welding are available through Hansen Steel in their Southern California facility. Ideal applications for galvanized steel are roadway signs, agricultural equipment parts, cabinetry, truck bodies, and architectural steel studs.

  • Advantages: corrosion resistance, rust resistance, paintability, versatile material
  • Thickness: 24 ga. — 10 ga.
  • Width: 48" — 60"
  • Format: coil and sheet
  • Common Applications: automobiles, equipment parts, signs, steel studs, etc...

To learn more about galvanized steel and what it can do for your applications, contact Hansen Steel—an aluminum and steel distributor out of Los Angeles, California. You can also request a quote today to set your needs in motion. We can become an extension of your team, providing you with quality products with fast turnaround.