Abrasion Resistant Steel

Abrasion resistant steel is ideal for applications subjected to constant wear and tear through external elements. It provides high impact applications with a longer working life, requiring less maintenance and repair in the long run. Hansen Steel has a broad inventory of abrasion resistant steel in various sizes to fulfill your metal fabrication needs quickly and efficiently. Standard sizes are held in-stock and custom lengths can be cut per customer specifications.

Abrasion resistant steel works well in earth moving equipment, cement mixers, hoppers, chutes, and other large equipment. We manufacture using laser and plasma cutting, metal forming, rolling, leveling, and industrial welding.

  • Advantages: long working life, wear and tear resistance
  • Thickness: 11 ga. — 2"
  • Width: 48" — 120"
  • Format: plate and coil
  • Common Applications: high impact applications, construction and roadwork equipment

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