3/8 inch x 72 inches Coil Processing

3/8" x 72" Coil Processing

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Hansen Steel exceeds your expectations while staying within your budget when it comes to our in-house leveling capabilities. By becoming a part of your team, we find a solution that will solve your diverse needs. Our metal processing services provide you with the aluminum, stainless steel or carbon steel blanks you need.

Leveling Equipment

Our advanced, California facility has 4 different levelers with capacities that include:

  • 3/8" thick by 72" wide Herr-Voss
  • 1/4" thick by 78" wide Pro-Eco
  • 3/16" thick by 60" wide Herr-Voss
  • 1/8" thick by 72" wide Rowe

At Hansen Steel, the machine capacity allows for a maximum weight of 30 tons for each individual coil. Our levelers make it simple to achieve uniform flatness in plate and sheet. We blank the parent material into the lengths you require and level them. We then will shear them into smaller pieces if requested.


Hansen Steel stocks a variety of metal in-house in order to fulfill your request quickly and efficiently. Using in-stock materials also helps us keep our costs low. We level blanks from a range of metals including mild steel, aluminum, and stainless. The width of materials we are able to flatten correlates directly to the grade and thickness of the material. If you have questions regarding the type of materials we can work with, give us a call at 562-692-6900.

At Hansen Steel, we perform a range of metal services alongside leveling, including laser cutting, plasma cutting, and shearing. We can complete your project to the finished result or provide you with just one metal processing service. Contact us to find out more.