Aluminum is one of the most readily available materials in the metal industry and is used for a large number of industrial applications. Whether artistic, architectural, structural, or industrial, aluminum can fit your application to a T! Hansen Steel holds a selection of standard aluminum sizes in coil, sheet, and plate form within our Southern California facility. Custom sizes can be cut to length using our leveling and shearing capabilities.

Bring in your own aluminum blanks to Hansen Steel for metal forming and rolling, laser cutting, and plasma cutting services. Aluminum provides high strength and corrosion resistance for your applications. It is ideal for non-heat treated, sheet metal applications and is used in everything from artwork and heat sinks to marine and aircraft vessels.

  • Advantages: readily available, versatile metal, high strength, corrosion resistance
  • Thickness: 20 ga. — 1"
  • Width: 48" — 120”
  • Format: coil, sheet, and plate
  • Common Applications: industrial components, architectural and artistic applications, etc...

Request a quote for aluminum processing services from Hansen Steel. For more information on what we can do for you, contact us today. Let us be your metal manufacturing provider.